Go Kart in action

Race 1 (Half Day) - $279.00

This course is an introduction to karting. It’s purpose is to teach the simple elements of driving at racing speed and to practice the fundamentals which include braking, cornering, picking lines and safety.

Race 2 Advanced (Half Day) - $279.00

Extensive line instruction and one on one lead and follow driving session with instructor, fundamental drills and critique.

Race Pro (Full Day) - $425.00

Both the seasoned veteran and the karting newcomer are made comfortable in this race track setting. Our objective is to identify the course targets, enhance your racing language, further your driving development and extend your day to hone your new skills.

Kart Blanche (Three days) Race

1, 2, Race pro, 125cc – $1,100.00
Lodging available

Junior Introduction and Coaching
(Full day) -$395.00 – (Half Day) -$359.00

Without compromising what our adult programs provide in teaching. This program has an emphasis on language and coaching skills. This program addresses both student and parent from beginner to national level. Developing a family team effort that focuses on results.

Mckenna baby kart

Race Clinic/Lapping (Half Day) - $279.00

Kids receiving instruction

This course goes further into the art of braking, passing, inside and outside lines, race strategy, and preps you for a future in kart racing